unplayable; crash/locks game and cannot even get to desktop without rebooting

User Rating: 1 | The Fall PC

Anytime a game creator claims super metroid, point n click games, and the other lofty nostalgic references the gent who made this game talked of.... i want to be frustrated AT BEST by puzzles (like spacequest1 where i was stuck on the first ship for months' and refused to consult a hint book.) Unfortunately, all the beautiful design and concept goes right into the toilet, if the game is broken. I'm going to restart rather than continue from my save, as I access an area of the game and it freezes, causing me to have to reboot my pc (now happening 4 times.)

Another problem is that their is a distinct lack of instruction for playing this on PC; it sure feels like i need a gamepad. I'm using the keyboard and luckily I've managed to figure out a bit of the keys that work; the space bar for jump, etc. THERE IS no option/menu to explain key strokes or map them otherwise; if a gamepad is needed it should of said something before buying on steam.

As of now, the game feels VERY BETA. I hope to try to get thru it, but I desire the challenge to be from the gameplay, not the game being broken. I saw a very good review of this game speaking exactly to the frustrations of the game control, so that is an issue regardless of the bug I experienced. And that review, also mentioned bugs that felt like the game was challenging but in reality, it was just a broken game preventing the player from progressing. AND THAT STINKS