its a yu gi oh game with better graphics, this game is cool

User Rating: 8.5 | The Eye of Judgment: Biolith Rebellion (Complete Disc) PS3
The Eye of Judgement is a cool game with cards, that uses the new PlaystaitionEye Camera. I think it works quite well, though sometime the card recognition system has it's flaws. Most of the time you have to readjust the card just a bit and it works perfectly fine again. Sadly, there is no Singleplayer mode is this game it doesn't has a storyline. The Online mode is quite hard to play. First you have to register a Deck Online.You have to register every card of your deck with the camera. You can't have a card in your deck you don't actually have. The Online mode and the rules of the game takes some time to understand, but although you can get a bit angry from time to time( mostly in the beginning). In my opinion this game is really nice. If you like card games or would like to yu gi oh in nice graphics this game is what you need. The complete package contains: The Eye of Judgement game, a Starter Deck consisting of 30 Monster an Spell Cards, The Playstation Eye, a Boosterpack containing 8 Monster and/or Spell cards, 4 function cards, The Eye of Judgement playing Deck(where you put your cards on), a contraption where you can put the camera during gameplay. That's about it. Decide yourself, but i for myself have decided, that i love this game.