Demon Souls messed up other RPG's for me b/c I have higher expectations for the combat to keep from getting bored.

User Rating: 6 | The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PS3
I remember I had a lot of fun playing fall out and New Vegas....I'm not sure if Bethesda made the 2nd one, so I'm not trying to say Bethesda sucks, but I think its time RPG's evolve their combat b/c that Final Fantasy style and this Elder Scrolls style combat is unplayable, at least for me. So, basically at some point after playing New Vegas, I bought a PS3 and then bought Demon's Souls for about 10 bucks, along with about 6 other games, like Heavy Rain, All of the God of Wars, LA Noire. I think I ended up playing Demon's souls last of these 5 games (I almost got Mobsters, but it only had an 8 rating). Anyways, I played and beat Demon's Souls about 4 times. About 6 months later I bought the highly anticipated Skyrim. It was expensive, so I tried so hard to like it, but the inability to target with the wonky weapon swings and movement. I love stories but, I couldn't get hooked. I picked a khajit character b/c they have claws for weapons to start, and something about a cat guy, just made me more disconnected from the game. And then I just remember the characters not having a lot of facial expression (that's what I remember) just further disconnected me. I mean, games like GTA IV set the bar pretty high for least for me. So this story just was kind of hard for me to get into. I escaped from prison because a dragon attack (too dramatic for me without substance or real drama), stole some weapons (i liked that part), read a bunch of books while I was trying to escape (and they just happened to be about Khajits), killed some guards (hated the combat), I went into a cave fought a bear and some soldiers (again hated the combat, I hated the weird movement and not being able to lock on target), got out of the cave, I tried to steal from the guy that was my ally, and I got killed. So i reloaded several times. And then I gave up. Did anyone else feel like this? I don't think it would be that hard to have all that crafting, cool spells, and exploring, which Elder Scrolls is supposedly known for and include a good combat system. I mean wanted to get into feeling like a thief because that's what I was going to make my character, but I lost my drive to "steal" because I didn't even want to play the game. WoW used to make you feel like a cool thief the first year it came out and you could sneak up on people and kill them, But now everything is super "fair" and you can't sneak into instances and steal an item, and its way hard to sneak into towns and kill people. That's the kind of stuff I thought I would get to do as a thief. Like they're suppose to get to "cheat" a little, after all mages can teleport all over the universe. Anyways I'm not sure if skyrim was able to reproduce any of that exciting thief role-playing feel because after playing about 26 hours I got too tire of playing.