FINALLY one of my favorite franchises releases a new game that is up to snuff.

User Rating: 10 | The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PC

So where to begin? I guess I'd have to start by saying it has been a rough couple of years for me. Final Fantasy, Gothic...I used to love each of these franchises but the last installments were a disgrace. Why? Because the developers sold out and tried to make a quick buck by releasing a linear pile of garbage instead of remembering what made these games so great to begin with. For a while it was looking very bleak and seemed the entire industry was heading in the same, shameful direction.

Well I am extremely happy to report that Bethesda decided to NOT go this route with their latest installment in the Elder Scrolls series. I see some of the other reviewers mentioned bugs. Sure this game has a few be honest I could care less. In fact I'm not even going to go over graphics, bugs, weapon / armor crafting, or combat in this review. I'll simply say this:

Tonight, while I was on my way to some city that I no longer remember the reason I was going there for, I happened to walk by a waterfall and wonder if I could in fact walk through it. About an hour later I found myself finishing up yet another dungeon on an insanely magnificent quest that still has at least two other parts left for me to go and do. And this was about the time I remembered who I was dealing with. There is a reason why Morrowind is usually mentioned whenever the subject of the best RPGs of all time is brought up. There is a reason I bought Oblivion and then bought the GOTY edition a year later and replayed the entire thing, making sure to finish both the expansions and every other side quest I could possibly find. And there is a reason I am more than likely going to be doing the exact same thing with Skyrim.

Every thing about this game is massive. It truly deserves to have had a $450 million dollar launch. And I for one am grateful that Bethesda continues to shine in the world of gaming.