Nothing's changed since Oblivion. Same game, different name. Only the pixels changed.

User Rating: 8 | The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PC
Sadly Skyrim is exactly what I expected it to be. Reviewers everywhere fall over their feet kissing Bethesda butt, but why, for crying out loud? The guys at Bethesda just will not learn from their mistakes.

I spent 68 hours to finish the game, perhaps 10 of them focussed on the main quest. There comes a moment when you'll ask yourself: why am I still playing this game? It's not for the compelling story, or the memorable characters, there are hardly any to speak of. You spend most of your time killing the same sort of enemies using the same spells while you scrounge around to collect mostly the same sort of items, which are mostly useless. In fact, outside of the towns the credo is, kill everything that moves, because everything that moves wants to kill you. Even if you have no idea why.

Is it for the character development that you still play? The fantastic gameplay and addictive battles? No, no and no.

On top of this Bethesda makes it abundantly clear that they cater only to the console crowd. PC comes last and is given absolutely minimal attention. Hence, the console interface. And the DX9 graphics with little dynamic lighting. And the simplified skill system. Simplified compared to Oblivion, which was simplified compared to Morrowind.

Great RPGs don't just keep you occupied. Skyrim does little more than keep you off the street for a long time.