It's got the looks, depth and size you'd expect from an RPG!

User Rating: 9 | The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim X360
The time I had spent in the country of 'Skyrim' was a long one. I had visited many places, seen many faces and in fact, bought a couple houses. I got married, settled down and lived my days protecting citizens from dragons.

Now, Skyrim was amazing. It was nothing like I had ever played before. There were the repeatable quests where I could make as much money as I wanted, there were the unlimited amounts of dragons to fight and there were MANY locations to discover; all with their own history behind it. Although I enjoyed my time, there were SOME flaws with the game. I believe the most helpful reviews are the reviews that reveal a game's flaws and a game's strengths. We'll start with the flaws.

The game was too scripted for me. I do enjoy a great storyline and all those aspects of an RPG, but after I beat the game; the only thing that I could control was being able to sell items and collect bounties for people that don't matter. I was expecting a game world that constantly changes - where the in game economy constantly fluctuates depending on every character's actions. I was expecting being able to raid villages and fighting from army to army. YES the game had that in it, but it was all scripted meaning you could never do it again unless you replayed the same quest - meaning you couldn't start wars yourself. Some bugs in the game also bothered me, but they were so minor I doubt most would notice them.

There is so much good about this game that I can not summarize it into one review, so I'll say the major points. The game world is HUGE! It literally feels like a living, breathing world. It's beautiful but dangerous at the same time. Characters travelling from place-to-place make it feel like the game isn't just centered around you. I like that. I also like the fact that you can complete quests at your own time and just fool around the game world whenever you please. Another point about this game is the storyline. I absolutely loved the side-quest storylines. I believe they were better than the main storyline, but that's just my two cents.

I'd say more, but I don't want to ruin your experience for you so if you ever get the chance, purchase or rent the game. It's completely worth the money and it will keep you entertained for a LONG while.

I wish you safe travels into the world of Skyrim.