Be prepared to have your time sifted from your existence. The game is so immersive it'll leave you craving for more!!

User Rating: 10 | The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim X360
I only have one big problem with this game. It takes too much of my personal time away. You turn on the console, play SkyRim, and plan on doing just one thing and before you know it at least three hours are gone. Your wife is screaming it's dinner time, you realize your bladder's been giving you signals to relieve yourself for quite some time, and you ignored several friend requests to play BF3 or Gears3.

This is one awesome game, despite the bugs. One bug prevented me from continuing the Companions quest by crashing my console but a recent patched fixed it.

Despite the bugs and the hilarious falling Mammoths from the sky this is one of the best games I've played outside of Mass Effect (# 1). The game should come with a warning label:

"This game will affect you social life, health, and connection to reality due to its ability to warp time as you play!"

Positives - The game is massive, the quests so variable, dungeons unique (every one is different in great detail), and the world simply beautiful and so realistic in its variety.

Negative - Console stopping bugs, dropped framrates (at times), you can't get intimate with computer players or spouse, you can't picketpocket kids (guess they don't have money anyway).

Overall - A Must buy. Gave this game a A+ (10). Despite the bugs its worth the score. I would have given it a 11 (for ultimate game breaking games) if it was bug free.