Another same old buggy exploration game by Bethesda

User Rating: 8 | The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition PS4

How do they get away with it? Selling the same old type of buggy game. Oh wait... bugs part aside i just got Noob of Duty sales nightmare. I guess i gotta blame myself too since i bought Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas before ending up buying this! I'm not really angry well maybe a little.

Skyrim is basically the same old Bethesda game, though this one is bigger. The map is really big. I spent over 2 months playing this game and yes it does get a little repetitive like all Bethesda games. You explore, find places like villages, caves, shrines... you kill everyone and you walk out. You talk to people, go here, go there, kill a dude, kill a dragon and repeat. There is more variety though, since there are a lot more enemy types than Oblivion and they tried to make caves look not as similar as Oblivion.

Bugs! Did i mention bugs? Yes i did, and im not talking about the giant Falmer roaches. Real in game bugs! I got missions i could not complete because they are glitched! To even be able to play the DLC i had to find a glitch online to try and get into the castle. No joke. I had to get a wooden plate and use a thum to glitch inside the castle gate. If you got this problem now you know! Also error bugs! Being into a mission and getting game error sucks!

The biggest problem with this game is not the bugs of how it gets a bit repetitive... its the difficulty. No, im not saying its too hard, because it is not. The difficulty is just messed up. I tried to begin the game on master and im killing some people like nothing, and then i run into enemies that 1 or 2 instant kill me! WHAT THE F***? Some enemies can even do the brutal melee animation KZ3 style and theres nothing you can do about it. Instant 1 hit death. As you level up this goes away, but very rarely my high leven character died from 1 hit kills even at a high level! One time a Deathlord 1 hit killed me with 1 arrow!!! I was like WHAT THE HELL? There is also this enemy i ran into in the Dragonborn DLC who 1 hit brutal melee my 70+ level character. That aside, the game is too easy. I cut my way through anything. When you level up the game even on master is a walk in the park and ends up making it even more boring.

I enjoyed this game though. I love the setting, the exploration, the size of the world, finding new weapons and armor.

On PS4 this game looks and runs perfect at 1080/60. There are good graphical improvements over the PS3 version. The guys who remastered it did a great job.

If you like previous Bethesda games go out and buy it. Me personally..... im done with Bethesda. I played 4 games from them and i had enough of their formula. I guess kinda like i had enough of Uncharted after 4. Somewhat enjoyed it, but goodbye Bethesda! Maybe one day you learn to be a good developer like Guerrilla, look at that Horizon!!!