Quite Possibily the best RPG to date since being released in 2011

User Rating: 10 | The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Legendary Edition) PS3

You can call me review dated, but I still think this game is by far the best game or RPG fans. Over 200 Game of the year awards + with the legendary edition, you get the major add-ons (Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn) included. After spending a few hundred hours of gameplay, I am at level 52. I have yet to get though the main storyline since all I want to do is keep building on my estate!

As soon as you explore another area and talk to a new character you find yourself in yet another side-quest, which is fine, since they are all recorded in your log.

The visuals of this game are mind blowing, even for the PS3. The soundtrack is just as good.

What I don't enjoy is the loading time whenever you enter a new area. This loading can take up to 10 minutes in some cases.

*Oh, a word of advice, don't turn off the PS3 during these long wait times!!! If you do, there is a chance you will loose your saved data, in which case I would have killed myself!