Would I Enjoy This Game?

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Hey guys!

I always hear soooo much about Skyrim, how AMAZING and EPIC it is. For a while, I viewed it as just overrated, but now I'm wondering if I should try it out. I'm a big Lord of the Rings fan, so I enjoy fantasy in that vein (some high fantasy I just loathe, though). Would I enjoy this game as a big Lord of the Rings fan?

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I too am a Lord of the Rings fan and played Skyrim for quite a long time. You would certainly enjoy the depth and customization this title has to offer.

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I came back to the series after a long time ( played Dragon Origins before ) and I am not disappointed. This game is truly epic and one of those few games you want to give a second run, maybe a third.

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In my opinion this is a great game for a LOTR fan. A lot of exploration, adventure, action, and customization. You could pretty much create your favorite character from LOTR if you wanted. 

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Yes, Buy this game. This game is so much better then i thought it would be and it seems like it goes on and on and on like it never ends. There are so many things you can do and different ways to go through the game. I'm currently at about 175 hours on one guy and well over 60 hours on my seconds... thats the cool thing about this game, you can make more then one character and you dont mind replaying the game because your unlocking spells and weapons for a completely different character each time. Hope this makes your mind up. SKYRIM is one of the best games i have ever played and my roommate hates these types of game and he thanked me for getting him to watch me play it. He couldnt put it down.
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if you are a LOTR fan then yeah i think you would enjoy it. i just wish they had more variety in gear for this game. ive always wanted to make a gandalf type of all white mage character but there is nothing like that in the game. unless you're playing on pc though then the possibilities are almost endless with so many mods and stuff.

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If you get skyrim you may require the following; A fridge, a microwave, a kettle and a toilet. Why? Because for the next 2-4 weeks your life belongs to Bethesda's enthralling world.
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I went from Xbox to PC for that very reason! Downloaded a bunch of LOTR lore mods to add to the feel this game has.
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I would like to add a different view.

I think this game is the most overrated game I have come across in a long time.

I played Oblivion a LOT! I loved Fallout 3 just because the settings were awesome and the plot drew you in, as did the law and the characters. I wasn't as big on New Vegas although it had some good bits it felt a little rushed.

I was totally stoked for Skyrim, didn't buy it on release but did buy it not too long after. I fired it up and thought it looked and felt fantastic. The opening scene did well to grab me, and it leads you in well.

Then it dumps you somewhere and then it starts to go downhill. You are charged with a simple task which I won't spoil for you and you quickly find side quests to do. I was really happy with this game right up until I entered my second cave and I realised it looked a little familiar. Had they used something similar to Oblivion? No that wasn't it. It felt familiar because I had just been in a similar cave and this was no different.

I figured it may be a regional thing, two caves in similar locations, similar looks. Nope, I did some main story and then went in some more and pretty much all of them look like you have been there before. The enemies populating them are shockingly similar and their animations and AI behaviour is pretty pathetic overall if you ask me.

I also felt VERY detached from this game. It almost felt like I would have had a similar experience with this game if a friend had discribed it to me. I had played a decent amount of the story and couldn't care less for any of its inhabitants. That meant I soon went off the path and started looking for the guilds and things.

Those missions are actually BETTER than the main story. They are also shockingly short. It isn't long into the Thieves Guild that you are master of the guild. Then you end up slowly doing menial crappy tasks that the bottom ranks would have to do to get any further in the guild.

I cared so little for it that I started to feel bored. The story sucks, the exploration is dulled by menoteny and the animations are enough to make you mentally ill.

Dragons are honestly more of a inconvenience than a fair trial as well. If you find yourself as a sword wielder in any place other than a really flat part of the map, you can't hit them because they won't land. Dragons should be cool and awesome. You should look forward to your encounter but I didn't. All they did was waste my health potions and make simple tasks a royal pain. It shouldn't be this way. And it sure shouldn't feel like a chore or feel like your choice of character is being forced.

I am totally dissapointed with this game.

You should try it if you want but this is just my take on it.

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It is a pretty good game.  I got the GotY ed. from Sam's Club under $20.  I have both the PC (Steam) and XBOX version.  The DLC was on sale a couple of week ago on XBOX for half off. $22.50 for all three.  PC has great Mods such as multifollower, but XBOX Kinect is far superior with voice commands.  PS3 and PC should update and do the same with voice recognition.  It saves alot of time.  Kinect voice makes it more streamline and enjoyable. Yes, Dragons are a nuisance when they kill merchants you like to deal with, but a good source of supplies/money.