will this game bore me?

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i have played elder scoll oblivion ( ps3) and afte a while i started to feel like i was not really enjoying it . kind of being force to play.


will i enjoy skyrim (pc) ?    i am not an offline person.  i always play online

do u think this game will capture my attention and make me wana come back and play more and more even thought it is offline?

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I think you'll enjoy it. It is what you make of it. i personally like Skyrim alot better than oblivian. It's more open world and grphics are 10X better. 

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Well, I certainly loved it when I first played it. I must have put about 250 hours into the game so far. There's options. That's what I like about Skyrim. Choose your race. Choose your face. Choose your path and abilities...and so on... It's fun.
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if you enjoy oblivion you'll love this game. skyrim is in my top 5 best games of all time maybe 1st (my english is not too good :D)
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Skyrim doesn't have any multiplayer, but the game is amazing :)