Why? WHY?!

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http://www.youtube.c...gk&feature=plcp So, exactly 5 months later and no fix. I emailed tech support days ago. Nothing. Sure, I could use an FPS Limiter or vsync (which is horrible on this game), but I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO. Maybe someone around here knows how to fix this. Apparently this only happens when your FPS is too high - the game can't handle it because it was meant for consoles. My setup: 2 GTX 580 Classified Ultra in SLI 16gb RAM i5 2500k 4.8ghz Windows 7 64-bit Please fix this, bethesda. Also, like I said above, I CAN use the things above and it'll fix it, but vsync makes Skyrim have the worst input lag I've ever seen and the FPS limiter stutters for me... seriously, it sucks. Anyone know anything that I can do to fix this? EDIT: Sorry, I keep pressing enter and it just won't work. Sorry for the block of text.