Why don't my followers attack?

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Why won't certain followers attack and how do I fix this? Janessa and Uthgerd the Unbroken won't attack enemies even though they have their weapons out and are in combat stance. They just stand there while the enemies attack them. Lydia works perfectly fine and attack enemies when engaged in combat. I've tried console command "recycleactor" "disable" "enable" and "resurrect" but it didn't work.

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Marriage, giving the followers certain armor sets, like the orcish armor from the chieftain in Largashbur, transforming in werewolf or vampire in front of them, constant friendly fire, etc. can make them sluggish and unresponsive. The only choice, at least for me, is to swap between them (I usually pick between Mjoll, J`zargo, Eola, Aranea Ienith) often enough. On a second thought, adopting orphan children can be a cause, since some bandits got inside the house attacking everyone in sight one time, but I didn`t revert to an older save to check it properly.