What will be my destiny? Who claims me?

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My character is a Nord woman. She has many allegiances to Daedra, and I was just wondering that in the end of her life who claims her? She's got ties to Nocturnal and Sithis, as well as various other Daedric Princes. All consider me to be their champion or servant. So after my character dies does my soul go to the Evergloam or to the Void?? Has anyone else thought about this before? Does Shor claim my soul for Sovngarde, or do my ties to other Daedric Princes cause my soul to be sent to Oblivion? Could this potentially result in some kind of a fight between Daedra over my soul?

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yea i thought about it too but from what i understood you'll go to hunting grounds if your a werewolf. and if your not you'll go to Nocturnal but Sithis will have the power to use you if the dark brotherhood needs it lol