Werewolf Perk Tree Features

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Hello everybody,

I have some questions concerning Werewolf Skill Tree and Werewolves in general:

1. If I have the Totem of Brotherhood and can thus summon two wolves as my backup, then if I take the Totem of Ice Brothers, will the Ice Wolves replace my regular wolves? Furthermore, if later on I decide to choose the Totem of the Moon, will it, again replace my the Ice Wolves with two Werewolves?

2. Let us suppose I take the Savage Feeding skill that allows my werewolf character to feed on most creatures. If I also have the Totem of The Hunt, will the other creatures I can eat also be highlighted when activating the detecting life vision or do skills like Totem of The Hunt, as well as Totem of the Predatordetect exclusively humanoid characters?

3. Can I switch between being a Vampire Lord and a Werewolf as many times as I want or can I do it only once during a single playthrough?

4. If I develop my werewolf with the new Skill Tree, and then choose to become a Vampire Lord, will I lose all my skills I developed or will they be back when I become a werewolf once again with the help of Aela?

Thank you in advance for all answers,