Weird FPS drop

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I bought skyrim on PC a few days ago, I checked the system spec's and I appeared to be over recommended. Since I started playing I keep getting random dips of fps drop in dungeons and closed areas, the starting location 'Helgen Keep' I get massive framerate drop in their whenever I go near a area of light or anything with large amount of 'particle effects'.

Skyrim set my setting's to 'High'. I don't understand why i'm getting drops in fps in these small area's, but in Skyrim itself I get about 40-60 fps.

Can anyone help me here? It does tend to break the immersion, when you drop from 50 fps to 20.

My System Spec's are:

OP: Windows 7 64 bit

Graphcis card : GTX 560 TI 2GB

Proccesor : AMD Phenom X4 960T (4CPU'S) 3.0Ghz

4GB DRR3 Ram

I can't seem to find a fix for this issue, any help you can give would be great, thank you :)