Vampires attack me constantly??

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hey I was playing skyrim and had put it down for a few months. I started playing it again with the game I had saved. Now everywhere I go groups of vampires are always attacking me. at first I was ok with it but now its just becoming a pain. expecially when your fighting a dragon and then some vampires show up killing the shop keeper you came to see in the first place lol  does anyone know why its doing this??  maybe theres a mission or something I need to complete to stop it?

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If you have Dawnguard installed, there will be random vampire attacks until you either a) Join the vampire faction or b) join Dawnguard and eradicate the vampire faction. But what do you mean by constantly though? Are we talking a vampire attack every 15 minutes or 1 every day? If its the former, it may be a bug (Skyrim is notorious for those). If its the latter, you're exaggerating a bit.