Two Hearthfire Questions

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Update: Nevermind, Lucia finally put her clothes on after I bought a third dress and finally adopted Meeko. He's not "Doggie!" anymore though, he's "stupid dog". Darn kids.

1. Do you have to build a home to adopt a dog or can you do it in an owned home like Breezehome? I hadn't even been planning to adopt one anytime soon until one day I came home (with no followers human or animal) and my adopted daughter Lucia ran up to me freaking out about my "doggie" and asking if we can keep it. I was confused since I didn't have a dog and I looked it up online and it said that if you say yes, with no dog, then it might prevent you from adopting a pet in the future. But even after reloading and going on a few quests she still asked about the doggie every time I walked in the door. So I decide I'll make the trek out to Meeko's shack and bring him to Breezehome because I need in there to get some stuff, Lydia and at this early stage of my latest game it's my only owned home. Plus my wife is up in there. So I get to Meeko's shack and have to fight a dragon, which kills Meeko twice so I have to keep reloading it. Finally I kill the dragon while keeping Meeko alive and take him home and now my spoiled brat of a child has no interest in doggies. All the reading I've done says that to adopt a dog you need to buy a plot of land and build a home, but Lucia was asking about it in Breezehome so I was thinking maybe it WAS possible. I could just wait until I can build the place but Meeko is an annoying follower and I don't want him with me and I'm afraid to dismiss him in case he gets killed or something. Or can that even happen?

2. As I said, I adopted Lucia and she's living with my old lady Sylgja in Breezhome. One day I'm at Belethor's and see a Girl's Green Dress for sale. I haven't bought her any gifts yet so I said what the heck, only to realize once I got home that she was already wearing a green dress. I thought "Oh well, she's just a dumb NPC and will be happy to get it regardless" and I was right. So I go out questing for a long time and come home to find Lucia running around town in her undies. I didn't even know this was possible, I figured they've have some sort of safeguard to keep people from stripping children down to their drawers. I don't mind my wife or Lydia running around half naked but it's a little disconcerting to have my pre-teen daughter running around town and lounging around the house in that state. The only reason I think the green dress was the cause is because the first time I tried to give it to her the game froze. But maybe that's just coincidence. Is there any way to make her get dressed? If I buy her another color dress maybe? I haven't come across any other colored dresses yet so I haven't been able to test it. Maybe if I buy her a third green dress it will fix it? It's been too long to consider reloading before I gave her the dress.