The "most random" of random encounters you've had? (have spoilers)

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I know RPG's have random encounters, but in my experience, Skyrim has perhaps the "MOST random" of random encounters and I've ever experienced in the series, if that makes sense. Because of that, I'd like to ask what your most random encounters were.

-Two Companions vs The Thalmor and a Dragon

[spoiler] In the post-mainline Companions quest, The Totems of Hircine (first part) with Aela the Huntress, after I picked up the first Totem and left the dungeon. A group of Thalmor Justicars were just running head on to kill me (Aela likely would have been next if she wasn't Essential) in retaliation for my numerous actions against them prior to joining The Companions (such as randomly attacking Thalmor patrols, stopping them at the College of Winterhold, helping Delphine investigate the Embassy, etc). After we won... a Dragon attacks (and even then, I still won).

I consider the Thalmor attack sort of weird in a sense that they don't have a reason to be going after The Companions, but knowing what they did at Winterhold, I wouldn't put it past them if they did become an eventual target somehow. [/spoiler]

-Werebears following me into an inn (Dragonborn DLC)

[spoiler] This happened to me while I was taking a sort of alternate route back to Raven Rock on Solstheim. I had Serana (Dawnguard DLC) at the time and I decided to sell and buy something at the Retching Netch. Suddenly at the front door after I talked to the bar keeper, Werebears came in through the front door. [/spoiler]

What were yours most random of the encounters you had?

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An ancient dragon was beating me and my companion, We were in a small vellage on the east (can't remember the name) so the dragon was strong, he can kill me with one fire-breath, I used a lot of potions. and the dragon was flying. I can't shoot it since im no archer the arrows won't do any damage, i had a little experience with destruction but the damn dragon won't stay still and let me hit him, so I dragonrended him and tried to kill him with swords, he kept eating me, and i loaded the game manytimes, before i decided it's useless. he killed all the guards and no one was able to kill him. i called Odaviing and went up a hill to watch the fight, but then something strange happened: he picked me with his claws and threw me, so I died. I didn't even know dragons can do that. I reloaded and ran away but it chased me and then appeared another red spot and a frost breath came down at me. A damn frost dragon decided to show up as if the ancient wasn't enough, well I had to set the game easy before i could kill them, but it was funny how i absorbed their souls while they were lying dead beside each others. And another strange thing I saw: a dragon fighting a giant. the giant won but since i like dragons and hate giants i had to take revenge on him.
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One time i saw 3 dragons in the skies flying everywhere! Nope! I was kidding ;-) Nothing strange in my adventures, only few bugs sometimes, Good life warriors!
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Me too hate the giants! Only stupid things! ahahaha! Good job! ;-)