The Break of Dawn - Malkoran

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Why oh why is Malkoran at the end of the quest The Break of Dawn so unbelievably hard? He can finish me with two frost spells - I'm using a two-handed tank type character and just can't get close to him. It seems like really poor level design tbh as I waltzed to the end of this quest without any trouble at all and suddenly the difficulty jumps to a ridiculous level.

Shouldn't the enemies on the lead up to a quest boss give some type of indication as to the difficulty of the boss? It wouldn't be so bad - but they've designed the fight with Malkoran so that the door locks behind you. It's like the level design gives no indication as to the incredible challenge you're about to face and then rubs salt into the wound by locking the door behind you. Sometimes I love this game and othertimes I want to smash my massive forehead right through my Xbox. 

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I took a companion on that quest he following behind and engaging the big M while I ran away, fire bombing him with flaming familiars and fire arrows, all the while RUNNING from him to stay out of range of his frost spells, healing when needed. It wasn't pretty--but it worked.

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Yeah, I had to get all cheap on him too. Didn't have a companion with me, so just kept my distance and spammed him with arrows - made me feel pretty cheap and dirty. When he changed into that spectre thing I had low health and no health potions left, causing me to do a mess in my pants. Fortunately I managed to knock its bonce right off with my warhammer.