So Duplication Glitch was patched?

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Been away from the game for a few months and started a new character and wanted to dupe up the one and only set of HOODED Black robes that you find on the mage guid quest..

Sence there is ONLY one enchantable hooded black robe in the game that I know of. I always just duplicate myself a few copies to make them with different enchantments on them.. Now it seems that we can no longer duplicate robes and wearables with the Mannequin glitch anymore. Is this true and does anyone know of a way that we are able to duplicate items anymore. I hear that after the last patch it was fixed, But surely someone has found a way around this.. I have even tried to delete the patch and that doesnt work :roll:

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im not sure if this works with out the hearthfire dlc, but i found today that if u drop your items 1 by 1.  (i did it in the armory) Then get your companion to pick them up, then go into your companions inventory and take all the items you dropped then leave the building and come back in, and all the items will be on the floor again as well as in your inventory. Should work in any house you own really cant see why not,not sure if it will do weapons and armor but it does misc items and potions hope this helps :)