Skyrim's Blue Moon's

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Here you basically state something that happened to you on Skyrim, that was out of the blue. I will start by telling you a tale that happened to I when my gameplay hours were about eight hours in. I was playing as a argonian, light armor, bow, and some sort of lightweight sword.

I was running across a rocky/grassy terrain. The sun was bright and I was in a rush to find some sort of structure. Finally after about five minutes of running, I found a large wood fence. I looked around the area to find a opening but quickly instead I jumped over the obstacle. Inside was a bandit dressed in very weak armor. Immediately I sliced and diced him. I saw a camp fire, tents, fence, and a small log cabin. I rushed inside the tent to find nothing but a bed. I attempted to sleep but it wouldn't allow me (Enemies nearby). So I left outside. I look around for a bit (around the tent) just to find nothing. All the sudden I see arrows flying over my head. I rushed to the gate and opened it. I saw a man firing arrows close to the right. I slashed him till death. Then my eye was caught by a large area. This area was a small bridge hooked to a small fort (open air, tower formed, 20 feet off the ground). I saw two men above, one I killed with my fire magic (weak magic). I walked up the steps (levers along side) cautiously and soon found a rock which put a gap in between me and the the man. He was with another bandit next to him. I pulled out my bow and started firing. I got a nice shot on the new guy's foot area (lucky shot). The second guy had a nice little shootout with me. I gave up and pulled out my fire, and fried him. Then I retreated back to the tent where I slept. Once I woke up a weird man sat outside the log cabin. He pulled a sword out, and he had great armor on. I fought him, but my sword was a false fit for fighting his armor. So once again I switched to fire. Once I killed him I retrieved his armor (he was a bandit chief). I got even more lucky when I walked into his cabin. Inside were several goods!