Skyrim vs. Oblivion

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I enjoyed Oblivion more than Skyrim and played it a hell of a lot more. Which game did you enjoy more, Skyrim or Oblivion? and why? I enjoyed Oblivion more I think because in the quest i felt more involved and i like how the weapons and armor got better as i leveled and that was the ONLY way to better weapons and armor, is to level!!.....In skyrim who didnt boost their smithing to get the armor they wanted???like really. I also enjoyed Oblivion's story and atmosphere more than Skyrims. Wbu?
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Oblivion all the way. And the Skyrim DLC's have nothing on Shivering Isles. 

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In Skyrim I didn't feel part of anything. I didn't care about anything, anyone or Skyrim in any way shape or form. You are just wondering around looking for stuff to do. What it should be like is you find stuff when you are doing other interesting stuff.

Like coming upon a cool item or a strange quest line while you were killing a bandit in an encampment for part of a mission.

This just feels like a map with a bunch of cave smeared across it with no care or wonderment in any of them. If you like cave diving for junk loot all day this is the game for you.

Oblivion on the other hand, made me feel part of the world. You wanted to explore and you wanted to find new NPCs to interact with, you wanted to learn the lore and see what becomes of the world.

In Skyrim it would be an improvement if there was a decent animation of your character driving his battle axe into the skull of the boring, stupid AI. I could watch Delphine's brains splattering all over the riverun inn, over and over and over and over again. Sure beats going down another cave that look exactly the same as all the rest.