Skyrim L.E kids "leave me alone" speech problem

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I adopted the girl in one of the cities (the one you first discover your a dragonborn). I went out on an adveture trying to get more dragon souls and words of power. I sadly lost my pet due to one of the dead dragon master due to it being very powerful, i nearly lost Lidia, but she lucky survived. I return home hoping to sell my junk, but it was dark so i thought i'd sleep it in for the night. However, my kid wanted to play a game of hide and seek. I agree to it and she runs outside after i start counting. When i go outside myself, i get attacked by 3 Vampire guys. I don't know if this attack is what caused my girl to say "leave me alone" or if its losing the dog, not counting to 10 by mistake or maybe hitting her in the attack. It was dark and i wasn't the only one in the fight, you had Lidia, 3 guards and two Redguards who are looking for someone helping me attack the vampires. I'm positive the girl wasn't even near the attack, but i could be wrong. It just happened so fast. Will she forgive me or will i pretty much lose her?