Skyrim crash, fix?

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Skyrim crashing to desktop is the most common crash and there are many different reasons for it i know. 

I play skyrim using a mod called Skyrim Redone, an overhaul of the game. When trying to update skyrim and add dawnguard, I cant load the specific save file that I use, but can load my old character from 6 months ago and create new games. I dont want to do that.

I deleted skyrim, completely and re installed. I installed dawnguard and the update as well. I deleted all my mods. I also tried to open it with the new version of Skyre for dawnguard. Yet I cant open the character I want but can still create others. 

Any ideas? 

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I have been playing Bethesda games starting with my first Fallout 3. Now the point I am making is this. Why do we as the people who spend sicking amounts of money buying games from a company that does not seem to care about us the consumers? They have not a clue how completely frustrating it is to have a game that is broke before it even goes into our Xbox's PS3s or the PC! Skyrim is the worst yet! I have with all of the DLC's spent well over $170.00 for a BROKEN GAME!!!! This is what I do not understand, why is it that a game that is such a work of art such a piece of crap due to the crashes, NPC's getting stuck or lost, quest being unable to be completed because of an NPC that turns hostile or just does not show up at all. I am on my 7th game because of crashes! When will enough be enough? I know that I do not speak for everyone when I say this will most likely be the last Bethesda game I ever buy unless they really fix all of these problems! I also think they should go back and send patches for Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and The ES 3 Oblivion instead of wasting our time by dropping Doom 3 BFG?? I love Skyrim I really do but the crashes NEED TO BE FIXED!!!! I hope this 1.9 patch will do the trick but I doubt it! Bethesda PLEASE WAKE UP YOU ARE SCREWING US AND WE ARE SICK OF IT!!!! Maybe they will fix this garbage? I for one am disgusted with all of it!!!!!
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DITO. Whats with the steam crap. When I buy a game CD I what a stand alone game. According to the game auto setting my should play on high. Not even close. Set the game on the lowest settings just to run. Chopy,slow, and who in the hell is steam anyway. Pssed me off. My be my last bethesda also.

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I'm also having the same problem, except it started after i downloaded and extracted soon as i tried to start the game it crashed giving a message involving the error: P:0000065432...I then deleted all skse files, but that only seemed to get rid of the error message, but not the crash...I'm going to check if i have any corrupt or duplicate files.
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My suggestion; Get a better pc. I use an Alienware m11x R2 for extreme mobile gaming, and it runs on Ultra settings smoothly. My game doesn't crash, and I haven't had any bugs with quests and the like. When I'm home, I hop on my Alienware m18x laptop and it plays virtually anything. (( I dislike Desktops. Too bulky. ))
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are you sure deleted every file of every mod? cause i once accidently uninstalled fallout new vegas and when i reinstalled it half the mods were still working.


one small file may eff your game if your not carefull with mods. easiest way nowadays is with nexus mod manager to install and delete mods but its up to you.