Should I buy this game?

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Hi people, I'm thinking about buying Skyrim for the holiday, what I want to know is have the problems on this game been fixed(lag,freeze etc.) ?

Because that's what put me off buying it earlier with all the complaints about its functionality.

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Most of the glitches have been fixed. It updates quite frequently on my PC version. Like you, i dont have patience for glitchy games >.> like Resident Evil Operation Racoon City... but i can tell you that the Skyrim glitches are VERY far and few between. Mostly the glitches are in speech.

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This game is most definitely worth buying, practically all of the glitches for the consoles have been fixed there is hardly any lag anymore, and most importantly it is a great game overall. This game is !00% worth its dollar value not just because of its replay value but also because of the mass amounts of things/choices you can do/make the possibilities are endless, then when you finish one character i guarantee you will want to create a different style of warrior and play the game through as a different fighting style.
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Absolutely! I enjoyed this game a lot. There might be some bugs and glitches but nothing serious to alter the gameplay. It has a good main storyline too! You'll get hooked to the game after you've played for just a second. But I recommend you buy it on a Xbox(If you have one) so you can get the new DLC pack, Dawngaurd :-)