New Patch = Game wont load (PS3)

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So I get home the other day after a 2 week trip away with work and decide to play some Skyrim.  When I go to load the game It brings to my attention that I require the newest patch, version 2.04.  I go ahead and try to download and install said patch but all I get is a black screen.  Wait about 10 minutes and still nothing has happened so I turn the PS3 off and on again and try again, this time it downloads and installs alright but when when the game tries to load I get a black screen again and no functionality.  After a few internet searches I've seen people saying to delete the game data/old patch files and try again.  I try again after deleting the files and installing the new patch but with the same results.  Patch will download and install fine but then all I get is a black screen with no functionality.  Ideas/help would be appreciated.