Mounted combat and clues on Dawnguard?

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If you haven't seen yet, apparently mounted combat (swords and bows only at this point) is coming to Skyrim:


While I'm over the moon about the possibility, I wonder if this (and the previous patch allowing new kill cams and kinect shouts) is any indication that we will be receiving some of the more hefty changes (spears, seasonal foliage etc) showed off by Betheesda once the Dawnguard expansion hits?  Sure, we will likely find out in about a week, but it's fun to speculate ;)


Which features would you want from the list?  Flying vampires?  Levitation?  

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I want the chameleon enchant back from Oblivion. I missed making a set of 100% chameleon equipment and breezing through the Thieve's Guild Questline

(For the uninitioned, Chameleon is basically weak invisablity that doesn't dispel when you perform an action.)