Miraak's body can't be seen

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Right, so After H.M. Slays Miraak for betrayal, Miraak's ashes are scattered all over and the middle platform floor is formed with a book without a single hint of his remains anywhere. Because of that, I didn't know he could be looted. And now, when I try to find his body, it still cannot be found. So now I can't loot his body. Suggestions?
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the game cleans up his body once you leave the area, either you have a save from before then or your kinda sol.
sorry but never assume someone cannot be searched. the correct method is to try to seach them anyways then get pissed off when you cant.

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How did you manage to kill Miraak? Everytime I get his health low he just becomes ethereal and sits in the center. I tried to just punch his health down, but that doesn't work because every time he tries to take a dragon's soul, I end up taking the soul. I also tried killing all of the dragons before I attack Miraak.