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this has probably been asked a bunch of times before but what is the maximum number of perks you can have in skyrim? some posts online say 50 and others say 80. its hard to plan what perks i want when i dont know for sure how many you can get 

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I believe it's 80 or 81. I'm currently at level 56 and still leveling up.

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Maximum level at the moment is 81 (although patch 1.9 may change this). Therefore, you can earn 80 perks, since you don't get one at 1st level. However, to get up there, you need to improve almost every single skill in the list to 100, and the rest nearly that high. All skills at 100 will give you about 81 and a half levels.
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Yeah, I'm grinding away at this one. I'm at lvl 60 now. Trying to use everything, bumping their skills. It's definitely a grind.