Jesus Christ how hard is it to fix the BOTI quest since 1.4?

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We're now at 1.6 and i have done the DB and am f*cked right now. Bethesda had a derp moment when they decided to remove the quest activation by getting the key from Tova's corpse and entering Hjerim since 1.4. 

Ok so what i'm now supposed to do? Console commands won't work, getting the key from Tova's corpse won't work, getting the posters won't work or the journal. 

Any back door fix i don't know yet which someone can share, i'd appreciate it.

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Yeah, they kinda failed on this quest. I really wanted to move into Hjerim after i found all the dragon priest masks and finished the main storyline, but like most Bethesda games... There's always that one single glitch to screw it all up. Oh well. I guess I'll stick with Breezehome in Whiterun.
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I havn't had a problem other than in the first half my character always comes to a conclusion without finding all clues and its a bit of a plot hole.

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Wow, and all this time I thought I was losing my mind. I wasted well over an hour trying to get this mission to start. This is the only home I need to purchase so I can become the freaking thane, but noooooooooo. This is crazy frustrating, indeed a big thanks to making my completion of the game this much more of a pain.