Issues in Riften (PS3)

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Okay so I know that this question has been posted a billion freaking times but no one's circumstances come even close to the crap im dealing with LOL. I have bought ALL of the houses in Skyrim except the house in Riften...Im not sure why the dialogue just won't open up for me but the guards randomly mention that the house is for sale and that I should talk to the Jarl.(even after I helped the citizens, including the quest line that is SUPPOSED open up the house) Heres my background.... I completed (in and around RIften) - Thieves guild quests Storm cloaks quests Help Maven (there are no more open quests for her) Dark Brotherhood quests (slight relevant bc i killed the Agent in Riften) Plus all but one mini quest (getting that sword from the dewemer ruin) This happened with my first character too (Khajit) and I didn't even do the quest for the stormcloaks Im guessing since i completed the stormcloak quest that the Peace treaty with seasons unending wont be whatsa girl to do ???
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I have this problem as well. The option to ask the Jarl for work never appears for me. Before the updates (I hadn't played Skyrim in 2 months) I was able to get the questline started rather easily. I have now completed the Thieves Guild and tried pretty much all the quests, nada.

Maybe try clearing your cache (erasing the updates) and trying? Might work. Might cause an error where it says "This is a save with an update and can't be played without it" or something like that.


If you don't know how to clear your cache I made a tutorial on it: