Horse Combat

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Is useless.


1. Camera angles make it awkward to hit anything

2. Creatures often stay on the opposite side of your sword hand which makes it impossible to hit

3. When using ranged weapons, the arrow rarely lands where the crossheir is aiming.

4. You still have to get off your horse anyway to pick up the loot.

5. All in all, a massive mess that is so clunky, I have no idea how they thought it was anywhere near good enough to put in the game.



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You can swing with either hand; just use the appropriate button for whichever hand is closer to the enemy and you'll strike that direction. I can't shoot anything with a bow in third person, though, except by accident; they should have let us play the game in first person, not 'in first person where we feel like letting you do it'. You may still have to get off to pick up your loot, but you could skip it if it's (probably) minor, and at least you aren't getting attacked and possibly killed while getting off and drawing your weapon to strike back.