hearthfire glitch help

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how do i fix the work bench glitch tower is not showing up and when i click on some the dont show aswell anyone know why it is doing this or how to fix it ?

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The basic workbench fix is to back out and renter the menu again. A lot of people find this fixes the problem. I haven't had it yet, so I can only suggest this one. Have you selected the tower you want from the drafting board? The workbench only shows what you've drafted to build.
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Whatever you do.... If you hire someone to take care of your house. DO NOT kill them!!! I had a bug where I hired someone to follow me. Took them to one of my houses. Asked them to watch it. The dialog would never come up to have them do things for the house. So I killed them thinking I could just bring someone else. Yeah, no... that didn't work either, so that house is just sitting vacant... but it doesn't matter much, since I got all the achievements for that dlc.

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the tower is not listed I just have one thing to build but the glitch don't let me there is no tower on my bench anymore do I have to pick between room one or the other to choose ?
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Yes. Starts out with that entry. Then Main Hall. After that you get 3 options per side N, E, W. Once you pick one, and start building, that's it for that side of the house. There is an option on the main workbench to start over. But I've never tried that.