Have I spoiled the game?

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Hi all First time here on forum :) I utterly love skyrim, currently I am at level 32, have got all my Daedric armour etc etc....... Here's my (possible) problem: I think I may have "jumped" ahead of myself and possibly spoiled the game. I completed the quest "Dragonslayer" and defeated Alduin the dragon. Seems to me, judging by comments from NPC's etc.....this was supposed to happen at the end of the game....or have I got this all wrong?????? :~ Many thanx total
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Its up to you. Im about 240 hours into the game, just started the companions quests and have yet to do the Dark Brotherwood.

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Its honestly however you play the game, like another person stated instead of working on the main story i went and immediately did the mage school quests and maxed my destruction. Then worked on the main story, and even if that is the end of the story there is PLENTY to do afterwards you can go to the bards college in solitude and do all their missions, go around and explore every village pretty much has its own set of quests! I mean i have played pretty regularly since launch and i can honestly say i still have found tons of quests and i haven't even started the dark brotherhood quests yet! This game isn't necessarily about the main story i mean it is but it isn't, its about exploring and doing what you want and enjoying every minute of the game.