Game of the Year edition question

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Do you think Skyrim will ever have a game of the year edition? If so what would be the chance that they would include the DLC with the package much like the game of the year edition of Arkham City which had all DLC's. Kinda a random question I know but I just broke my Skyrim disc and I have a gift card that can buy another but I think I should wait for a game of the year edition or something. Anyone know if they did this with earlier Elder Scroll games? Input would be much appreciated thanks.

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There will probably be a goty after the 3 other dlcs are released but that would be around 6 months so you should decide if you want to wait that long
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There will without a doubt be a game of the year edition.  100% chance.  There was with Morrowind, there was with Oblivion, there was with Fallout 3.  There will probably be more than just that too.