Game needs a lotta changin

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       I know there are probably a lot of topics like this already but still. And im also not trolling i love the elder scrolls games i just like to discuss what id like to see changed. The main thing is that they need to completely scrap the dumbass gamebryo/creation engine which seems like it was made by my 7 year old cousin.

       Certain aspects of it were good but i think everyone can agree that there is no excuse for having characters ice skate across the ground, and have their feet clip through whenever there is a slight change in incline or terrain. Frankly, its pathetic. Its also great how you can move sideways while your legs are moving forwards. Ive seen indie developers with 1% of bethesdas budget and manpower create WAY more realistic animations and physics. If you dont agree id kindly ask you to either nicely state your opinion or move on im not lookin to fight on a forum.

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They could and there are many games to prove that. However, due to the scale and textures in game, I doubt if they are overtly concerned about that. The physics of overseeing each and every aspect for a game this size would mean players have ultra high pcs to run the game and porting to PS3 and Xbox would induce issues. I understand this game took like 6 years? and yet there have been umpteen patches and fixes with still load times, crashes happening.