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I just read that Dawnguard will add a character in the Riften Ratways that will allow you to change your characters appearance!!! I've been wanting this FOREVER!!! This will help me have a better roleplaying experience since I can make my character look older or gruffer by giving him longer hair and a bigger beard or make them look younger by doing the opposite. i might be a little overexcited for something so simple but i've benn want something like this in a DLC since the game came out lol.

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Yeah, I've grown tired of my Imperial's "slapped across the face" war paint.
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i never really thought about that maybe a beard would give me that wizened look after not questing since the main questline.
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Well. There is a similarity between kids and girls. I mean seriously lol.

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wait don't we already have the console for that?
or is this something else. 

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Xbox/PS3 don't get console commands. I don't get why they didn't have a way to at least change hair/warpaint in the game when it launched.