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Hello, I'm just starting to use enchantments in Skyrim. The situation is this, I have two Dragonbone Swords. I was planning on having one with Fiery Soul Trap and Absorb Health and then the other having Fire Damage andChaos Damage. My question is, will that one Fiery Soul Trap "trap" a soul for both swords or just one? Should I enchant both swords with fiery soul trap? Also what happens if I have Chaos Damage and Fire Damage, do they stack? Also, do the Enchanting Skills Fire Enchanter, Frost Enchanter, and Storm Enchanter effect Chaos Damage?

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Fiery soul trap is not affected by enchanting perks. If you are wanting to trap souls using both swords, then enchant both swords with fiery soul trap. As for the chaos enchant, this does stack with enchantment perks. I'd go for Chaos damage and fiery soul trap on one sword, then chaos damage and either fire, frost or shock added on. (Preferably fire everything hates fire except fire atronachs).