Elder Knowledge *SPOILERS* EFF YOU!

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I am stuck on Elder Knowledge. IN THE DUNGEON. Because I am too low of a level to beat these stupid skeleton looking things that are in here. I am at the part where I get bombarded by like 4 of the suckers. I don't follow walkthroughs unless I'm seriously stuck (LIKE NOW.) so I had no idea I should've been a higher level than I am now. Only level 12 here, only started playing a week ago. I can't even get out of this dungeon to get some potions.... Or anything... I have NO healing potions, and that alchemist table they so happen to have sitting there, well I can't for the life of me make a darn Healing potion that just gives me some health points.


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You can always back-track and go out the way you came in. My advice is to do this and spend some time trying to level up. Joining the Thieves Guild is a great way to level up your sneak and speech. Or, join the war for skyrim and level up that way. The College of Winterhold is also a great place to level up your character if you're a mage. If your guy is a mage you can level up your illusion immensely by using muffle over and over again. All these things are great ways to level up your character.
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Thanks for the advice! I tried to back track, but I seemed to get stuck, like I couldn't go up any further as I jumped down to GO this way in the first place... Although I was trying as I was pretty angry with the game. I'm at the part with all the Skeletons, and those two poles that shoot out fire. (If that makes any sense..) I am going to try now to see if I can back track again and get out!

EDIT: After all this time, I realised all I have to do is open my saved game from before I went in the dungeon haha :)

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I would also second working on your sneak and archery skills. There's nothing like launching arrows into a foe with stealth and grace.