Dont ask me why im posting this on christmas day. There is no worthy answer,

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Ok. So im playing Skyrim again on PC instead of Xbox. Level 13, so at the start. Im finidng on Expert the games pretty easy until i hit an unkillable enemy. The first dwarven guardin for instance. Or the bandit thug I had to kite for 10 mins to stop him one-shotting me. 


Im mainly levelling health+stam, with destruction, rest, one-handed, block, and heavy armor perks. Battle-Mage esque build Wearing ful heavy dwarven. Not quite fully enchanted yet for obvious reasons. 


The problem I'm getting is, its pretty good on expert, it feels balanced, til I hit one ot two enemies. Who absolutely PWN me 1 with 1 shot kills even with my shield out. But on Adept the game isnt challenging enough. 


Am I doing something drastically wrong, or is the game games crazy ass balancing? Cheers to anyone who actually reads and replies on 16 month old game topics.