Dark Brotherhood quest help

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Ok so I'm up to the part where i have to kill the Gourmet. Yet i cannot kill him without receining a 1000 bounty for "The Reach". Iv'e tried everything!! It's really annoying, the only option i have is to turn into a werewolf. However i had the same problem with the bounty issue in the kill at Markarth with the chief Anton. And i used Werewolf there. But I'll rather not use Werewolf since I'll rather just be stealthy about it and not have people chase me around. The whole reason i like the Dark brotherhood is to try play out as an assassin, not just charge in kill and run.

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Really? No one has any advice haha?

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from what i remember i just sneaked up to him and shot him with a bow. no bounty no one allerted.
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Wait till he's sleeping and then dagger him he is usually asleep at 1:00am