Can't defeat Odahviing....

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I bought GOTYE just a few weeks back, sold the original. I decided to play a new game and didn't jump in to the mainstory right away. However, i'm now at a high level with many level 3 shouts and decided to continue the mainstory. I'm on the mission to defeat and trap Odahviing, the problem is, he can't be hurt and he wont even land. I remember hurting him which made him land, this time he will fly, land on the corner and fly off. No attacks, spells or shouts do any harm of any sort. I can't get him to land on the actual floor like before. Has anyone else had this problem.


I get told by the guards to trap him, i always attack and maked him follow, this was when he used to take injury, but this time, i can't. I've reloaded countless times and still can't complete the quest anymore.

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You are not supposed to kill him. Use Dragonend shout bring him down. Move back towards the entrance and lure him inside continuing to use that shout on him. When he's about halfway through, go up the stairs and pull the chain to trap him.