Can someone mod me a save for ps3 specifically how i want it?

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I'm kind of sick of starting new saves for different builds and leveling up the skills every time. (Blacksmithing, enchanting, etc.), just to get Daedric weopons and different armor sets. This consumes a lot of time, and I'd much appreciate it if someone who is experienced with modding ps3 saves could mod me a save specifically how I want it. I have a Macbook Pro, so I can't really download any programs that can mod ps3 saves, they all only seem to work on Windows, and besides, I know pretty much everything about this game, and it's single player only, so I'm not ruining any one else's experience with the game, and since I pretty much know a lot about this game and have been playing it for a while, it wouldn't really hurt to save time and mod your save without making it overpowered. What i want: Race: Nord male (doesn't really matter how he looks, just don't make him a puny skinny characterxD) Skills - Conjuration 100, sneak 100, blacksmithing 100, one handed 100, light armor 100, illusion 100, enchanting 100, destruction 100, two handed 100 Carry weight: Infinite: Armor sets: Nightingale armor set, and Dark brotherhood armor sets, daedric armor set (Legendary, please don't make overpowered) Weapons: Daedric dagger x2 (Legendary, please don't make it overpowered) Daedric bow (Legendary, also don't make this overpowered) Other things: 999 daedric arrows/ebony arrows Spells/Tomes: All illusion, destruction, conjuration skills! Please pm me if you're going to make a save game for ps3 specifically like this so I can give you my email and have the file emailed to me so I can put it into my ps3 once it's done!