Bugs and fixes

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So here it is, a topic about the bugs and fixes

I just spent like 15-20 hours trying to get all the shouts yesterday and today.

Then I encountered yet another bug about "Drain Vitality" shout.

I couldn't learn the shout and when I did, it didn't work properly.

I ended up with 3 drain vitality, one that looked like marked for death another which was stamina and the last one which was the 2 other shouts of drain vitality.

I downloaded unnoficial skyrim patch and the other ones which would fix this bug, but it didn't work! :(

So I had to play with the console commands to end up with a screwed game which was all legit from the begining to the end. :(

I decided to learn all the shouts via the console because the quest to get the Drain vitality shout wasnt turning in, so I couldn't go and get more shout from the Greybeards.

When I finally finished writting down all thoses codes in the console, the game closed itself because I did Alt+Tab too many times.


I decided to create a topic so that people could share the bugs they encountered and hopefully, someone finds a way to fix them.

If you are like me and hate when that happens, where you play legit, but you end up screwing around in the console because you can't find a way around the bugs in skyrim then share it here.