Black Book Sound Bug! PLEASE HELP!

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I have been playing this game since its release and I am thoroughly addicted! I have uploaded all the add-ons and can't get enough! I have, however, seem to be running into a recurring problem: When I enter one of Hermaeus Mora's Black Books, the 'sizzling' sound that happens when I walk through the darkness in Aprocrypha doesn't stop even when I leave that realm! I turned the Sounds Effects Volume down completely. However, I feel this lessens the gameplay experience tremendously! Is there anyway to stop this sound?? Aside from restarting from my last Save or keeping the Volume down? The constant sizzling sound is driving me nuts! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Reload to before you've walked in darkness, and use the candlelight spell to keep yourself illuminated. To be safe, re-cast the spell when you're under the normal light sources of the level so that there's no chance of being in shadow at any point.

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I will try that! Thanks so much!