Bane - The Archer's Journal

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---Last Seed, 17Th, 4E 201---

I am Bane - The Archer. I was brough here today, caught by the Imperials, and their brutal army. This morning I was brought to Helgen for execution. At the very moment thankfully a dragon looking fierceful, saved me from being executed. It didn't directly save me, rather the chaos it caused saved my life. I managed to escape.

I, Bane Stamer, has come from a family of hunters living in Whiterun. I belong to a noble Nord family, tormented by the Imperial brutality. Now, I don't really know what to do, what destiny awaits me. Anyway, I will live on hunting, I'll try to get some coins first for buying some llivelihoods. Feeling hungry, thurst is killing me now. I have to look for a firm, where I can get some food, cloth and water. Don't know exactly what is happening in Whiterun. However, for some time I will avoid going there in Whiterun.

11:40 am - I am with a bunch of Stormclock rebels, so to speak of them. I am not sure who are these stormclock, what's their problem with the Emperial ruler, however now we are running through the same luck. Trying to find an exit from this cave. Ralof seems to be leading them, he was also one of the prisoners along with me, he too could escape, and since then helping me. Thanks to him.

02:19 pm - At last we are out of the cave. Encountered few deadly spiders and a bear that was guarding the exit. Sneaked past him. Now is the time to say goodbye to my good friend Ralof. He told me to met up with her sister in Riverwood. She is Gerdur. Also he suggested that I should join the Stormclock under the supervision of Ulfrec Stormclock in Windhelm. I'll take my time to decide on that. First some rest I must take.

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---Last Seed, 18Th, 4E 201---

I learned from a fisherman that a man called Engar in Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun, can tell me a guild for huntsman. I really liked Gerdur, sister of Ralof. She helped me with some much necessary food. I was relieved. She was well speaking and gentle. I think I really took a liking for her. I can take some archery training from Fiendal, though it seems before that I have to give the letter he gave me, to Camilla.

Strange sight this one is. I just saw a bird stuck at the top of a tree, it's really did that happen!! I was out for wandering the nearby jungle of Riverwood, thought of picking up few ingredients or may be if luck permits a few games I could kill. However I was attacked by first a pack of wolves, which I could escape from luckily. But, then again a band of mudcrabs. I managed to kill those all after few tries, but I broke my longbow. Few!!

---Last Seed, 19Th, 4E 201---

I'm really facing extreme problem in gathering food. Not many food I could find that restore some of my health. So, I have decided I'll dedicate a few page for any food supply , or recipe that brings up my health.

--------------------------Food to restore my health----------------------

Butter - 2 points

Salmon Steak - 5 points

Sack of Flour - 1 point

--------------------------Ingredients to restore my health----------------------

Blue Mountain Flower

---Last Seed, 19Th, 4E 201---

Reserved page for food source information...

---Last Seed, 19Th, 4E 201---

For two days I stayed in Riverwood, didn't have many opportunities here. Need to explore more. I'll go to Helgen today, let me see it back. 08;00 am - what a strange play of luck. I was just passing onto the road to Helgen, suddenly a fugitive from no where came rushing to me, said to hide something immediately, a few seconds later a hunter appeared and I came to know that the fugitive stole that "thing" from him. Anyway one arrow shot from that hunter killed that poor guy.

And what I got!! from the dead body I received a health poultice(don't know the use yet), 18 septims. WOW!! first hit of luck since the bad time in Helgen. I opened my shack to find a surprise, I got that "thing" from the guy, it was a "Scaled boot of Dwindling Shock". Fantastic!!! Immediately I put it on. 01:30 pm - writing this sitting on a piece of rock, beside a burning house in Helgen. Nothing is left here in Helgen, nothing.

All burned, charred to death and ash. Smoke girgling out of the half burned houses. Horror smashed the place. The only small but useful collect I had is an empty bottle, that can store some water for me. Feeling hungry and much thirsty.

---Last Seed, 20Th, 4E 201---

05:00 am - While wandering through the wilds and mountains surrounding Whiterun, I found a stormcloak camp, namely "Whiterun Stormcloak Camp"...or something similar. Found there few wounded coughing soldiers, their headsman, and few guards, stormcloak ofcourse. Notable thing is that there I saw a chest, half burried into the stony surface somewhere left of the wooden bench holding few weapons. Could not open it, don't have much locklpicking skill.

Note : Later need to take a look While returning back from the camp, I encountered one necromancer, though he was a very tough opponent, I took help of my sneaking skill, sneaked up to a ledge of rock and when he was not looking at me, threw a steel arrow into his head. One shot and dead dropeed he was. And I got a lightning staff from him. Although I had to leave back the steel staff. I left it there.

---Sun's Dusk, 28Th, 4E 201---

After 7 dark and filthy days and nights, I was relesed from the jail of Dawnstar. Still, I didn't understand why they took me in hold!! I still remember, I was wondering around whiterun...yes it was Whiterun's plain, where I was. I just chased down a wolf and killed it with two arrows. Suddenly a soldier or a guard came rushed in and caught me!! Anyway, now I'm in Dawnstar with no idea how to start it again after a week's devastating state.

---Sun's Dusk, 29Th, 4E 201---

07:30pm - I was so tired in last few days, after I got out of the jail. Yesterday I nearly took 16 hours sleep, well not at a stretch though. Now nearly, recovered I found myself with very less food to eat. Bought some water from Winpeck inn. Feeling too heavy, I decided to dump my steel gauntlet, steel armor to the deck of the longboat stranded near dawnstar coast. I went to visit the quicksilver mine , and there I found a book "Cherim's Heart" which incresed my Smithing skill.

11:00pm - after a small fight with a band of Horker near the seashore of Dawnstar, I felt a sudden boost, it seemed my skills are up one level !!!

OH! did I level up !!

But, in the battle I lost my imperial bow. It's a huge loss to me, however managed to get some Horker fat, plenty of meat.

12:30 am - In Widpeak Inn, listening to the sweet melody of the lady bird....singing away her village lore. Some blood chilling experience, now taught me hard that when I'm outside of the village, or any shelter, I have to be always on guard. Dangerous wolves are waiting with pack. And they are silent death sentence. I have to wear all protection I could before I get out of here. Th eroad ahead , though unknown, could be swarming with danger. I'll set out for some other destination, wherever it might be. I'll let my luck to decide. Because, here at Dawnstar I don't find much opportunity. Also, I fell short of septims. With only 47 left, it's truly hard. I have to get going.....and find new opportunity. By the dawn's light I'll set out to my journey towards unknown !!

---Sun's Dusk, 30Th, 4E 201---

04:00 am - Not far from Dawnguard port, I found a ruin called 'Windward Ruin'. Interesting name. I found a half buried chest in the outer rim of the ruin, nearly obscured with the jutted out stones. I don't have much lockpicking ability. So could not really open it. I really need to work upon this lock breaking skill..or else I'll be left out of these small random finds. after a couple of hours journey, I am now temporarily stationed at an Imperial camp, although I hate the imperial soldiers, still need to make use of this small camp called 'Pale Imperial Camp'. I cooked a few snacks for me also. While walking down the road, I met one pilgrim, ah I can't remember his name. He told something about a shrine 'Azura'. Seems to be a mystical shrine or something like that. The camp proved useful to me. I also could make some potions out of a makeshift laboratory placed in that camp. Time to walk off.......

09:15 am - Quickly writing this sitting below the tilted deck of the abandoned long boat 'Brinehammer'. It was full of mudcrabs, killed a few and lost a knife, that made me weaponless now. However, quite some septims I found in a coin purse and inside a chest. Some chests and doors were locked and I could not open those. Later I must come back here.