Are the people of skyrim norwegien, sweedish fins or germans?

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never could figure this out. they sound like they're german but they all sound similar to me. so idk.

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Probably a mix. Keep in mind that most germanic legends are practically the same as nordic legends. Only the names differ. Centuries ago Russia with headcapital Kiev was a mix of germanic and nordic people. So Skyrim is medieval Western-Russia.
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I think they are none of the above. Skyrim is not even on the planet Earth. The land of Tamriel is on another planet entirely. Look in the sky - there are two moons. I guess it could be an alternate universe Earth though, but then would they even have Germans and Norweigans and what not.

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I think they are keebler

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Prob a mix of them but I think norweigien is the most accurate

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they are their own ficticious people on a diffrent planet but their probably based on the larger mish-mash of peoples the individual cultures today come from... at one time the viking and germanic tribes were practically the same people... theres even a bit of scandanavian in the scottish today but on mundus their culture belongs more to the bretons which are pretty much scottish+irish+french+dutch so, think celtic/gaelic peoples. Nords are scandanavian/germanic, Imperials are roman/english/american. Redguard are african/arabian. As for elves, havn't got a clue. The Dark Elves sound south african/ dutch to me, which kind of makes sense as bretons are hald human half elf but then again their ancestors were altmer/nord... I guess only bethesda who invented the world for their D&D matches really know for sure.

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Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, German, Scottish, Baltic ... ... I´m betting they are ... [spoiler] fictional [/spoiler]

@theneonseal ... Roman/English/American? Quite a selection. Why?

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Austrian. :) Most of the guards have a Arnold Schwarzenegger accent. lol. imo.

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Gosh am I the only person here with any common sense, the people of Skyrim are Nords :P
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Nords are based off Scandinavian people - Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, Germanic, northern European-esque people.

Bretons - well, they have all have French sounding names... they could also have Celtic influences though.

Imperials - based off ancient Romans I think?

Redguards - North African/Arabic


Also, apparently the Forsworn are all Bretons, interesting, considering the Nords drove them out of their homeland. So Skyrim doesn't really belong to the Nords now does it?

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Also, apparently the Forsworn are all Bretons, interesting, considering the Nords drove them out of their homeland. So Skyrim doesn't really belong to the Nords now does it?



Of human races it's no doubtly the Nords who can claim Skyrim, however it belonged to the Aldmer and Falmer before Ysgramor and the final wave of Nords drove them out. The elves if any are the roots of Skyrim from time immemorial to the Merethic Era, but it's safe to say the Nords are the people of the Old Kindom from the Merethic Era to 4E. The Forsworn or Reachmen are men of the Reach which is merely a province in Skyrim conquered by the Nords. They are the Witchmen of High Rock, not Skyrim.

So ...... no.