another dreaded thieves guild question

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ok im pulling my hair out over this, ive been working on trying to get the thieves guild trophy to restore them for like a month now its the only trophy i need. ive done all the main missions and have been doing those stupid delvin vex mission forever. ive done 3 special missions and it says i havent done the special mission in solitude yet and theres 1 empty dusty space still that doesnt have a mini shop in it. ive done 42 more side missions and so far NO special mission has popped up yet! 20 of those were solitude and still no special mission dialog has popped up yet. im getting so pissed off right now. im sick of the thieves guild ive been doing the same damn thing for days now. can anyone help me out as to wtf is going on. when i look at my completed quests log the entire thing is a huge pile of finished quests that i can scroll through. 

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if you quit a job in a different town does that subtract jobs and start you back at 0?

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Keep doing the side quests for delvin and vex, oh also find all 24 unusual gems to unlock the quest to restore a crown for vex.