About the brotherhood

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Should I join them or destroy them witch one is more beneficial.

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Idont think there is actually a way to destroy the Brotherhood, I never got the option. You get a butt load of gold for finishing off the DB questline so I would say go with that

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If you kill Astrid in the shack when she's trying to recruit you, you get a prompt to go to Dragon Bridge and meet with an Imperial official there. He'll congratulate you on your strong moral fiber and send you on a quest to murder the rest of the Brotherhood. I believe the only thing you get out of it is Astrid's knife, which you would end up with anyway if you did the DB questline.

I killed them off, because I find them all so annoying. They're like a bunch of emo kids trying to out-dark each other. Give me the Morag Tong any day.

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Join them!
you get shadowmere

because screw physics you got shadowmere!

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Did not know that about killing Astid :P I usally killed all the prisoners, saved, and them murdered Astrid :P

I would chose DB anyway becuase of some nice quests and rewards